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T-Rex™ SilverFlex Geomembrane

T-Rex Layers Diagram SilverFlex is a multi-layered geomembrane that has been engineered for use in water retention applications. SilverFlex has a uniquely designed Recoil™ Film technology that offers exceptionally high hydrostatic resistance capable of holding millions of gallons of water. In addition, SilverFlex has an innovative Fusion™ coating technology that provides outstanding sealing properties for watertight panel fabrication. High tensile and tear strength plus dimensional stability is achieved with a woven core made from a proprietary blend of high-grade polymers.

SilverFlex is manufactured with special UV stabilizers and antioxidants designed for water retention applications that require extended exposure to the elements. As the name suggests, our SilverFlex liners have excellent flexibility, outstanding durability and stress cracking resistance. Durable yet lightweight construction provides easy handling and excellent performance in all climates and environmental conditions.

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SilverFlex Technical Data

Property Test/Method Typical Value
Film Structure - Recoil™ Technology
Fusion Coating - Proprietary Polymer Blend
Weight (GSM) ASTM D5261 260
Nominal Thickness (Mils) ASTM D1777 12
Hydrostatic Resistance (PSI) ASTM D751 225
Breaking Strength (lbs) ASTM D751 Machine Direction 280 | Cross Direction 220
Tear Resistance (lbs) ASTM D751 Machine Direction 55 | Cross Direction 45
Puncture Resistance (lbs) ASTM D751 90
Bursting strength (Ball burst) (PSI) ASTM D751 260
Low Temperature Flexibility ASTM D2136 -50 °C
Accelerated UV Weathering ASTM G154 > 90% @ 2000 Hours†

All values are ± 10%. †QUV A-340 lamps 8 hrs UV @ 60° C, 4 hrs condensation @ 40°. The test data is based on an average taken over several production runs and should not be considered or interpreted as minimum or maximum values. Values are typical data and not limiting specifications.

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